3 Ways To Turn Your Marketing Degree Into An Online Start-Up

If you are an entrepreneur at heart and have a marketing degree in your background, there is no reason you should not merge your two passions and go into business for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities to focus on specialties within marketing that can help you start your own marketing business.

Social Media Marketing

There are plenty of small businesses that do not have a social media presence and you can be the one to help guide them on the right path. The best place to start building your start-up is to focus on businesses in your local area. In addition to helping businesses develop a strategy for their marketing campaigns, you should also consider other services you can offer, such as social media management. With the help of various software programs to schedule social media posts, it is not time-consuming to offer this service to multiple small businesses.


Self-publishing is an increasing large industry because many upcoming authors are finding it impossible to publish through traditional publishing companies. Although self-publishing is easy and relatively inexpensive, many authors are unaware of the labor involved in marketing their publications. Self-publishing is an ideal niche in marketing to generate income and build your brand.

You can work in collaboration with other self-employed, creative professionals, such as editors, graphic designers and photographers, who help create the layouts and cover designs for authors. Part of the marketing services can offer are helping authors create a writer's website to promote their work and author bio. Additionally, increasing their presence on social media outlets and finding local, in-person events for them to attend should also be part of your marketing services.

College Marketing

Specializing in college marketing is an excellent way to build up your clients, especially if you focus on smaller colleges and programs. Many community colleges and trade schools do not have the budget of larger universities and marketing can fall by the wayside. Therefore, they may be interested in what you can offer for a reasonable price. Since social media is popular among the typical college applicant demographic, usually high school students and young adults, you can help smaller programs generate interest in schools that are easily overlooked.

Many trade schools can benefit from targeting returning students or "job-switchers," since this demographic often wants a shorter program with on-the-job training to quickly find employment. Part of your marketing services should include the organization of events to attract applicants. These events can be in-person or offered as a virtual fair. Prospective students can have the opportunity to hear about smaller colleges and training programs, even from the comfort of their own home.

Although there are several specialty areas to help you start your own marketing business, focusing on multiple specialties will give you the best chance at turning your idea into a reality. There are many opportunities to abandon the traditional desk job and start your own business.