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About Pursuing Native American Studies

Posted by on Jan 16, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Do you have a strong desire to become active in Native American history? The first thing that you must do is make sure you have a large amount of knowledge about the culture and history. It is worth enrolling in a Native American studies course to obtain all of the knowledge that you need to pursue your goal. Depending on the specific type of courses that you take, you can use a degree in numerous ways. Take a look at this article for a general idea of what you can expect to learn during your journey into Native American studies. Increase Your Knowledge of Tribal Governance If one of your goals is to become active in Native American government, there are many things that you must learn. The government of the indigenous people is handled in a unique way. You will basically learn critical thinking skills that will help you develop ways for improving communities. You will also obtain the knowledge that is needed for effectively helping with improving the structure of the Native American government. The courses that you will be taught can also come in handy if you decide to pursue a career in other types of law. Dig Deep into the History of Native Americans You will be able to learn an extensive amount of knowledge in regards to Native American history. For instance, you will discover how the different tribes came about throughout history. Your learning will extend into leaning about the language of the Native Americans, which can be useful when you begin interacting with them. The history course will also teach you about the culture, including the common types of foods that they eat. Common Native American crafts that they enjoy creating will also be learned during your course. Prepare to Create Your Own Educational Material There is a media and arts course that can be taken in Native American studies. You can take the course if you desire to create educational materials that can educate people about the indigenous people of America. The median and arts course will basically teach you how to properly express the culture, language, and history in different forms. For example, you can create educational films, put on plays, release publications, and express the culture in many other ways. You will have the skill and knowledge for opening up your own Native American history museum as a way for educating other...

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School Supplies You’ll Actually Need For College

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Buying school supplies for elementary school and even high school was fun. You might have spent hours trying to find folders that matched your personality or the coolest sparkly pencils. Now that you’re in college, getting puppy binders is not as much of a priority. You might not know exactly what school supplies or office equipment to bring to college, especially if it is your first year. Here are some essentials that will help you be successful. 1. Accordion Folder Get an accordion folder with multiple sections for your different papers for your classes. An accordion folder might seem bulky, but the truth is that you are going to get papers and other information that you will need for a week and then won’t need again until finals. If you don’t have a way to store these documents long-term, you are going to lose them and be at a disadvantage for your final paper or exam. Keep an accordion folder in your dorm or apartment in order to stay organized. This is also a great place to store your birth certificate, social security card, and other important documents that your parents might give to you before you leave. 2. Scissors You aren’t going to be able to steal your mom or dad’s scissors from the kitchen anymore. Make sure that you get your own pair of scissors so that you don’t have to run around your floor asking to borrow someone’s when you need to make a poster for your group project. 3. Mini Stapler or Regular Stapler Be sure that you have a stapler that you can access so that you can staple your 25 page long papers together. This will help you ensure that the professor doesn’t lose any pages as well as allow you to make sure that you don’t accidentally get your pages out of order. If you want to be a hero, get a mini stapler and bring it with you to class on the days when papers are due. Your professor and classmates will thank you. 4. Duct Tape Invest in duct tape. You can use it to fix holes in your backpack or favorite pair of rain boots. You can use it to tape up your posters. You can use it to adhere something important to your cell phone so that you absolutely don’t forget it the next day. For more information, talk to someone who has already gone to college for a semester or two. They will be able to tell you organization and study supplies that helped...

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3 Ways To Turn Your Marketing Degree Into An Online Start-Up

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you are an entrepreneur at heart and have a marketing degree in your background, there is no reason you should not merge your two passions and go into business for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities to focus on specialties within marketing that can help you start your own marketing business. Social Media Marketing There are plenty of small businesses that do not have a social media presence and you can be the one to help guide them on the right path. The best place to start building your start-up is to focus on businesses in your local area. In addition to helping businesses develop a strategy for their marketing campaigns, you should also consider other services you can offer, such as social media management. With the help of various software programs to schedule social media posts, it is not time-consuming to offer this service to multiple small businesses. Self-Publishing Self-publishing is an increasing large industry because many upcoming authors are finding it impossible to publish through traditional publishing companies. Although self-publishing is easy and relatively inexpensive, many authors are unaware of the labor involved in marketing their publications. Self-publishing is an ideal niche in marketing to generate income and build your brand. You can work in collaboration with other self-employed, creative professionals, such as editors, graphic designers and photographers, who help create the layouts and cover designs for authors. Part of the marketing services can offer are helping authors create a writer’s website to promote their work and author bio. Additionally, increasing their presence on social media outlets and finding local, in-person events for them to attend should also be part of your marketing services. College Marketing Specializing in college marketing is an excellent way to build up your clients, especially if you focus on smaller colleges and programs. Many community colleges and trade schools do not have the budget of larger universities and marketing can fall by the wayside. Therefore, they may be interested in what you can offer for a reasonable price. Since social media is popular among the typical college applicant demographic, usually high school students and young adults, you can help smaller programs generate interest in schools that are easily overlooked. Many trade schools can benefit from targeting returning students or “job-switchers,” since this demographic often wants a shorter program with on-the-job training to quickly find employment. Part of your marketing services should include the organization of events to attract applicants. These events can be in-person or offered as a virtual fair. Prospective students can have the opportunity to hear about smaller colleges and training programs, even from the comfort of their own home. Although there are several specialty areas to help you start your own marketing business, focusing on multiple specialties will give you the best chance at turning your idea into a reality. There are many opportunities to abandon the traditional desk job and start your own...

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Adult Education Classes Every Aspiring Author Should Take

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Authors need to do so much more than write to succeed. Adult education classes, like those offered at NKU PACE, are a great way to gain some of the writing business knowledge without paying for a full college degree. Here are some courses you might consider taking: Blogging To promote your work, you need a blog. It is the best and easiest way to keep your name in the search engines. A class on writing blog posts the search engines will find and that will also entice readers is a good idea for writers. Marketing Social media is the biggest way that people promote their businesses. You have to do the same with your writing. Take a marketing course that focuses on social media or take one that focuses on offline marketing. Or, go ahead and take both. Photography People on the Internet love pictures. Sometimes they don’t have time to read a long blog post. A picture will get their attentions immediately and then they might read your writing. If you aren’t good with cameras then take a digital photography course and one on photo editing software. Web Design A website is your home on the Internet. It is where you can show your personality and talent to potential fans. While there are many free website builders, you still need to understand what works and why. A web design course will help you learn how to build a site that keeps visitors there. Word Processors Word processors, such as Microsoft Word, can be difficult to use. You might know how to write in one, but do you understand how to format your work properly for agents and publishers? Find a course that specializes in word processing software so you’ll know how to format like an expert. Editing Take a proofreading course so you’ll know what to expect from editors. You can learn what those editors will look for and rid your manuscript of mistakes before the editors even see it. Communication When you want to be a successful author you must sell yourself. Communication courses will help you learn how to talk to a crowd, as well as how to be funny, assertive, and more confident. Literary Law Know your rights as an author. When you get contract from a potential publisher, you will be able to notice any controversies right away. You will also understand copyright law so no one can steal your work. Money Management As an author, you are self-employed. It is up to you to pay your taxes correctly. Take a money management course to learn how to save money properly for taxes. Take a self-employment tax course so you know what to expect each quarter. These adult education courses are not necessary for authors, but they are helpful so that you become a success...

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Steps For Preparing For A Career In Anesthesiology

Posted by on May 25, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Doctors can make good money, so it is no wonder that so many people pursue a career in medicine. That being said, the competition can be tough when you look at popular medical careers such as family practitioner or surgeon. To make it easier to start a career, you should consider less common careers such as a career in anesthesiology. Unlike other doctors, anesthesiologists don’t have to build up clientele in order to carve out their own practice. Knowing how to prepare for a career in anesthesiology is key to successfully launching your career.  Start Preparing Early Many high school students see their time in secondary school as the last four years of their childhood and thus try to fill it with as many shenanigans and as little work as possible. This type of an attitude will leave you ill-prepared to pursue a career in medicine. Those looking for a career in anesthesiology should take all the advanced math and science classes that they can in high school. Taking advanced placement classes is a good way to avoid some of the costs associated with college. The College Years When you go to college, you need to take classes that will help you prepare for anesthesiology. These should include classes in biology, anatomy, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, and other math classes. These classes will provide a foundation for training in how to help people deal with pain—which is the sum and substance of what anesthesiology is.  The College Years: Part Two Once you have concluded your bachelor’s degree, you will need to pursue a degree in anesthesiology. This will take another four years, but you will get to specialize in what you have been preparing yourself for since high school. You will have some classroom courses in medical school, but you also get to do some work in an actual hospital. Residency Once you have finished your medical school, you will need to complete a medical residency. While residency will take four years, it is essential in providing you with the training you need to be successful in your career. You will be working in an actual hospital but under close supervision, but getting out of the classroom and into the hospital can make residency one of the richest learning opportunities for a medical student.  While it can take a long time to become an anesthesiologist, the rewards are worth the effort. Not only do you get to pursue a career in helping people, but the average anesthesiologist will make around $220,000 in a year. While you will likely have to work up to such a salary, even the lowest 10% of anesthesiologists make around $120,000. Thus, helping people to deal with pain can be a lucrative career. To learn more, contact a college like Caribbean Medical...

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4 Reasons For A Non-Catholic To Choose A Catholic College Or University

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

You’ve been out of high school for a while and are finally preparing to apply to some colleges and universities. One option that intrigues you is a Catholic school, but you’re hesitant to apply because although you are a Christian, you’re not Catholic. Actually, there are some excellent reasons for a non-Catholic individual to attend a Catholic postsecondary school, especially if you have conservative moral standards.  A Conservative Moral Environment A number of your student colleagues may indulge in some partying, just as young adults elsewhere do. However, you will find a more favorable environment here than you would at many postsecondary schools if you want to meet people with strong conservative morals. There is likely to be substantially less premarital sex and drug use, and little acceptance of homosexuality or abortion.  A Focus on God Many courses in a Catholic college are likely to include some focus on God. This probably would not sit well with an atheist, but as a Christian, you may appreciate the way professors don’t avoid the role of God in academic subjects and in a person’s life. You have a better chance to consider your studies and your future career in regard to how you can provide service to humanity as well as to a higher power.  The Intellectual Tradition With a trend in secular colleges and universities toward concentrating more fully on career preparation, that can mean reducing an emphasis on core studies. Going to a Catholic postsecondary school ensures that you’ll be required to complete a good number of core study topics in English, history, social studies and other subjects that may not be directly connected with your major.  You’ll be challenged to consider how faith and reason blend together in the secular world. Catholic education does not dismiss any aspects of science, but rather seeks to gain intellectual knowledge from a faith-based perspective.  A Welcoming Church Environment At first, you may feel a little left out and uncomfortable as your fellow students attend Mass on campus. However, you are certainly welcome to attend these services as well, even if you cannot receive Holy Communion. You’ll find the church community to be very welcoming.  Concluding Thoughts Don’t hesitate to apply to a Catholic college or university, such as Saint Thomas Academy, if you’ve found one that appeals to you and if you appreciate the advantages these schools offer. Filling out an application does not obligate you to enroll. However, you may decide this school is an excellent fit for you, and can look forward to some of the best years of your life...

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