School Supplies You'll Actually Need For College

Buying school supplies for elementary school and even high school was fun. You might have spent hours trying to find folders that matched your personality or the coolest sparkly pencils. Now that you're in college, getting puppy binders is not as much of a priority. You might not know exactly what school supplies or office equipment to bring to college, especially if it is your first year. Here are some essentials that will help you be successful.

1. Accordion Folder

Get an accordion folder with multiple sections for your different papers for your classes. An accordion folder might seem bulky, but the truth is that you are going to get papers and other information that you will need for a week and then won't need again until finals. If you don't have a way to store these documents long-term, you are going to lose them and be at a disadvantage for your final paper or exam. Keep an accordion folder in your dorm or apartment in order to stay organized. This is also a great place to store your birth certificate, social security card, and other important documents that your parents might give to you before you leave.

2. Scissors

You aren't going to be able to steal your mom or dad's scissors from the kitchen anymore. Make sure that you get your own pair of scissors so that you don't have to run around your floor asking to borrow someone's when you need to make a poster for your group project.

3. Mini Stapler or Regular Stapler

Be sure that you have a stapler that you can access so that you can staple your 25 page long papers together. This will help you ensure that the professor doesn't lose any pages as well as allow you to make sure that you don't accidentally get your pages out of order. If you want to be a hero, get a mini stapler and bring it with you to class on the days when papers are due. Your professor and classmates will thank you.

4. Duct Tape

Invest in duct tape. You can use it to fix holes in your backpack or favorite pair of rain boots. You can use it to tape up your posters. You can use it to adhere something important to your cell phone so that you absolutely don't forget it the next day.

For more information, talk to someone who has already gone to college for a semester or two. They will be able to tell you organization and study supplies that helped them.