Adult Education Classes Every Aspiring Author Should Take

Authors need to do so much more than write to succeed. Adult education classes, like those offered at NKU PACE, are a great way to gain some of the writing business knowledge without paying for a full college degree. Here are some courses you might consider taking:


To promote your work, you need a blog. It is the best and easiest way to keep your name in the search engines. A class on writing blog posts the search engines will find and that will also entice readers is a good idea for writers.


Social media is the biggest way that people promote their businesses. You have to do the same with your writing. Take a marketing course that focuses on social media or take one that focuses on offline marketing. Or, go ahead and take both.


People on the Internet love pictures. Sometimes they don't have time to read a long blog post. A picture will get their attentions immediately and then they might read your writing. If you aren't good with cameras then take a digital photography course and one on photo editing software.

Web Design

A website is your home on the Internet. It is where you can show your personality and talent to potential fans. While there are many free website builders, you still need to understand what works and why. A web design course will help you learn how to build a site that keeps visitors there.

Word Processors

Word processors, such as Microsoft Word, can be difficult to use. You might know how to write in one, but do you understand how to format your work properly for agents and publishers? Find a course that specializes in word processing software so you'll know how to format like an expert.


Take a proofreading course so you'll know what to expect from editors. You can learn what those editors will look for and rid your manuscript of mistakes before the editors even see it.


When you want to be a successful author you must sell yourself. Communication courses will help you learn how to talk to a crowd, as well as how to be funny, assertive, and more confident.

Literary Law

Know your rights as an author. When you get contract from a potential publisher, you will be able to notice any controversies right away. You will also understand copyright law so no one can steal your work.

Money Management

As an author, you are self-employed. It is up to you to pay your taxes correctly. Take a money management course to learn how to save money properly for taxes. Take a self-employment tax course so you know what to expect each quarter.

These adult education courses are not necessary for authors, but they are helpful so that you become a success easier.