4 Reasons For A Non-Catholic To Choose A Catholic College Or University

You've been out of high school for a while and are finally preparing to apply to some colleges and universities. One option that intrigues you is a Catholic school, but you're hesitant to apply because although you are a Christian, you're not Catholic. Actually, there are some excellent reasons for a non-Catholic individual to attend a Catholic postsecondary school, especially if you have conservative moral standards. 

A Conservative Moral Environment

A number of your student colleagues may indulge in some partying, just as young adults elsewhere do. However, you will find a more favorable environment here than you would at many postsecondary schools if you want to meet people with strong conservative morals. There is likely to be substantially less premarital sex and drug use, and little acceptance of homosexuality or abortion. 

A Focus on God

Many courses in a Catholic college are likely to include some focus on God. This probably would not sit well with an atheist, but as a Christian, you may appreciate the way professors don't avoid the role of God in academic subjects and in a person's life. You have a better chance to consider your studies and your future career in regard to how you can provide service to humanity as well as to a higher power. 

The Intellectual Tradition

With a trend in secular colleges and universities toward concentrating more fully on career preparation, that can mean reducing an emphasis on core studies. Going to a Catholic postsecondary school ensures that you'll be required to complete a good number of core study topics in English, history, social studies and other subjects that may not be directly connected with your major. 

You'll be challenged to consider how faith and reason blend together in the secular world. Catholic education does not dismiss any aspects of science, but rather seeks to gain intellectual knowledge from a faith-based perspective. 

A Welcoming Church Environment

At first, you may feel a little left out and uncomfortable as your fellow students attend Mass on campus. However, you are certainly welcome to attend these services as well, even if you cannot receive Holy Communion. You'll find the church community to be very welcoming. 

Concluding Thoughts

Don't hesitate to apply to a Catholic college or university, such as Saint Thomas Academy, if you've found one that appeals to you and if you appreciate the advantages these schools offer. Filling out an application does not obligate you to enroll. However, you may decide this school is an excellent fit for you, and can look forward to some of the best years of your life there.